E-PowerBikes offers a 2 Years warranty on all items

2 Years

     •  Frames of the original owner

1 Year

      Gear, Brakes, Cranksets, Handlebars, Battery, Rear racks, Front forks, Saddles, Seatposts, Stems and Wheels.All originalparts, and components (except consumables such as tires and tubes,and also excluding: paint, decals, tires)


  1. Physical damage in general
    • Water damage
    • Fall damage
    • Pressure damage
    • Impact damage
    • Damage after stunts
  2. Wear and Tear
    • Wear of parts (e.g. tyres, bearings, cables, and brake pads) under normal use
    • Damage caused by insufficient maintenance
    • Damage caused by climatic influences such as normal weathering of paint, rust, or chrome rust
    • Normal wear and tear of the equipment or otherwise as a result of normal use
    • Equipment aging
  3. Other Exclusions
    • Use of the product other than in a normal and usual way
    • Disassembly, repair, alteration or modification performed by anyone other than authorized service center
    • Misuse, abuse, negligence or accident howsoever caused
    • Improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation or alteration or modification of the product
    • Spilling food or liquids, corrosion, rust, or using the wrong voltage
    • Scratches or damage to plastic surfaces and all other externally exposed parts due to normal use
    • Use outside of the use permitted by the owner’s manual the product
    • Illegible, defaced or removed serial number or warranty seal on the product


        Q.I am not the original owner as I purchased my BIKE secondhand. Is my bike covered by warranty?                                                                                                                         
        R.A. Sorry, no, the warranty coverage only extends to the original buyer.
        Q.I crashed and damaged my bike. Is warranty coverage available to me?
        R.A. Sorry, crashes or accidents are not covered by the warranty policy. The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing, not damage from crashes.